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Solitaire SG


Super Good Pixel presents Solitaire SG!. Solitaire SG is our version of Klondike, or patience. This award winning version of Solitaire was developed by a former Konami art director. You will find all the charm of Blackjack SG has been transferred to our polished version of patience.This is a new app.So we will be making a steady stream of awesome updates. Also we will be listening to your suggestions and adding those in too!
You can play with scoring mode on or off. We also offer a basic tip system to get your started if you are new to the game.
The game allows you to select either STANDARD playing cards, or ENHANCED FOR SMALL SCREEN cards. This way you can play on either a large or small screen with ease.
Play a Scored/Timed game, or just play a casual game. If you play the score option we also track your high-scores and play times!
We have added the ability to switch between to different tables.
Please note we have rated our game as a casino game only because the game is played on a Blackjack style table.